“Omakase” is a Japanese term meaning “trust the chef”. Our omakase menus are fully customizable and always feature the best catch of the day. While miso soup, simmered vegetables, rice, pickles and a protein are the standard base, an omakase can feature sashimi, grilled dishes, noodles, steamed dishes, small bites, seasonal colors, etc. The list below is just a jumping off point. Choose 8-14 items or more:

Yuzu-dusted Sashimi Salad

Sashimi salad includes the best catches of the day — typically salmon, hamachi and tuna, individually plated, with avocado, Japanese cucumber, shiso leaf, ponzu (citrus soy sauce) and yuzu zest.

Uni Ikura Tamago Dofu

Chilled savory steamed organic egg custard, ankake sauce, toppped with fresh sea urchin roe and salmon roe.

Organic Cha Soba Salad

Soba noodles infused with green tea powder, with wilted pea shoots, pickled mustard greens and scallions in roasted sesame dressing.

Organic Barley Miso Soup

Scallions, tofu, enoki mushrooms.


Skewers of grilled marinated chicken thigh.

Fresh Artisinal Tofu

Custardy Meiji tofu is served uncooked with soy sauce, scallions and topped with roasted bonito flakes. The best way to enjoy such a fine tofu!

Lotus Root Kimpira

Spicy marinated thinly sliced and crunchy lotus root.

Simmered Japanese Vegetables

Simmered seasonal vegetables such as daikon, bamboo shoot, carrot, and kabocha, marinated in shoyu, sake and mirin.


Assorted Japanese pickles.

Wakame and Japanese cucumber salad

Seaweed salad in toasted sesame dressing.

Grilled Seasoned Japanese Vegetables

Japanese eggplant, shiitake, shishito peppers.

Black Cod Misoyaki

Fillet of black cod is marinated with a miso glaze, then broiled. The miso marinade helps cure the fish and makes it tender and sweet.

Salmon or Chicken Teriyaki

Ginger teriyaki marinade.

Koshihikari (Japanese Rice)

High quality unpolished Japanese short grain rice.

Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream with Fresh Fruit

Matcha (green tea) ice cream with fresh fruit such as Asian pear, satsuma tangerine, melon and grapes.


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