I’m a fearless foodie with endless curiosity for world cuisines. I have traveled extensively, particularly in Asia (including a five year stint living in Tokyo,) and along the way, collected dishes, flavors and ideas that influenced my palate as well as my style of cooking.

Sublime Cuisine is farmer’s market-based healthy organic California cuisine and therapeutic foods with a humble Japanese origin. Traditional and modern Japanese cooking meets healthy macrobiotic, with Mediterranean flourishes. The foundation of my cooking is seasonal, organic and fresh produce. I’m an extremely versatile chef with an intuitive knack for creating unforgettably delicious and healthy meals. I like to eat a wide variety of cuisines and dishes, and my cooking style reflects that.

Though largely self-taught as a chef, I completed the Professional Cooking Certification from New School of Cooking. I attended cooking classes in Bali and in Japan. I also gained restaurant experience with stints at Upstairs 2, Tiato and Beechwood Café.

I consider Japanese cuisine to be the best in the world and my personal favorite.
I often cook rustic, home style “ofukuro no aji” dishes, literally translated as “mother’s taste” cooking. My traditional Japanese food is clean and healthy, with a subtle balance of flavor. I also create original and modern Japanese recipes, based on my food experiences in Japan. However I like variety, and Sublime Cuisine spans global tastes. I love cooking paella, Moroccan tagines, Southeast Asian dishes and modern American food too.

I believe that cooking tells a story about the cook’s life and I have many delicious stories yet to tell.